Rules of Decorum

  1. The Association shall be opened and closed with prayer.
  2. A Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer shall be chosen annually to serve the Association.
  3. Only one person shall speak at a time, who shall arise and address the Moderator by the appellation of Brother Moderator, and shall while speaking, confine himself or herself to the subject under discussion and shall not be interrupted unless he or she digress from the subject; and shall in no wise reflect on any other speaker, so as to make remarks on his slips, failings or imperfections, but shall fairly state his views without sophistry or criticism.
  4. No member shall absent himself from the Association without leave of the Moderator.
  5. No member shall speak more than three times on the same subject without leave of the body. The chairperson on each subject shall have an opening speech of ten minutes and two other speeches of five minutes each.
  6. Each motion and second shall come under the immediate consideration of the Association, unless withdrawn by the one who made it.
  7. No member shall address another by any appellation other than that of Brother or Sister.
  8. On the first day, immediately upon permanent organization, it shall be the duty of the Clerk to read the Rules of Decorum. A roll call of messengers shall be made on the second day.
  9. The Moderator shall be entitled to the same privilege of speaking as any other member, provided the chair be filled, but shall have no vote unless the Association be equally divided.
  10. Any member violating these rules, or at any time manifesting a spirit contrary to the Gospel, shall be reproved or such other course taken with him as the Moderator may think proper, either at his own option or any other member.